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music to us

Music is the most powerful unifier of mankind. It is in everything around us. It is the most profound expression of our innermost feelings. Music is a collective treasure that brings people closer, sparks the spirit of freedom, break barriers of language or geography. At Imagine Radio, we believe, the most meaningful way to celebrate this collective human treasure is to make it a boundless experience and spread the music across the universe; let everyone share their love of music. And that’s when everyone will open up to the full potential of music, offer the passionate care for the creators of music. Future of music is the brightest when everyone can embrace music open-heartedly.

who we are

We are a group of music devotees. We believe, music is an essential element of our existence. We believe, with music we all can live a life rich with experiences, compassion and solidarity for all. In Bangladesh music is not a boundless experience yet! Musicians and creators yet to be empowered to unleash their full potential. Therefore, we believe, we have a task in our hand. We brought technology to build a bridge between musicians and music lovers. We worked hard to earn musicians trust that there can be a better tomorrow for music.

We are a startup from Bangladesh. We are Imagine Radio.

our journey

We Bangladeshis are a music loving nation. Yet, music in Bangladesh suffers from widespread music piracy, lack of access to music, and musicians often feel lost because of lack of appreciation from the community. At Imagine Radio we believe by smart application of technology and building a fostering community – music in Bangladesh has a bright future. We want to work hard for the impacts

Fight Music Piracy

and build a behaviour of responsible music listening

Ensure Music and Musicians Welfare

for each and every music by ensuring music royalty and other services for Bangladesh on Imagine Radio

Promote Bangladeshi Music & Musicians

by actively promoting their music, empowering them with the most advanced tools and technology and offering marketing services

Spread Bangladeshi Music Across The Universe’

by ensuring Bangladeshi music lovers can enjoy their favourite music all over the world.

our music servings

We associate music with moments and moments with emotions - the emotions that define us. So, we have tried to produce playlists for every moment to connect to every emotion on the spectrum. So if you're heading out and feeling upbeat, working and need to focus, relaxing with a calm mind or feeling the blues - we hope out playlists tune in with you!